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This metal disc cutter for jewelry making makes it easy to produce circular metal discs in various diameters and with a clean cut. This valuable jewelry-making tool is used by sliding metal under the slot and punching out the disc with a hammer. 

  • Has five punches measuring from ½” to 1” diameters in increments of ⅛” 
  • Great for cutting soft metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass, and nickel
  • Easily cut and produce perfect circles
  • The perfect tool for jewelry makers

This unique disc punch for jewelry making is easy to use and offers a clean-cut. This jewelry-making tool has five punch discs in various diameters. The diameter incriminates increase by an ⅛” and range from ½” to 1”. To use, simply slide your desired metal into the slow and under the desired size and punch out the disc using a hammer. 

  • Maximum sheet thickness: 18 gauge (1mm)
  • Made in the USA