wood beads

5 Best Types of Wood for Jewelry Making

Wood beads come in a wide array of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Wood beads provide a warm and natural vibe to any piece of jewelry made with them. They’re highly adaptable and may be combined with other kinds of beads. Take a closer look at the many sorts of wood utilized to create beads and jewelry.


Bayong comes from a tree found in the Philippines. It’s a hardwood with a distinct wood grain pattern. Bayong beads are made of dense, warm brown hues that range from lighter to darker and have some reddish undertones.


Greywood beads aren’t always associated with a certain species of tree; rather, they’re made from a variety of trees and have a gray tint. These beads’ grey color is rather faint, as if a smoky grey has been blended in with brown.


Jackfruit is also known as nangka. The jackfruit tree originated in India, Southeast Asia, and other tropical lowlands. Jackfruit wood from the jackfruit tree is also employed in construction, furniture, and musical instruments such as drums, in addition to beading.


Palmwood beads may be produced from a variety of palm tree species. Coconut and date palms are two examples of such species. Palmwood beads come in a variety of colors, including light to dark brown, with darker markings on them. These varied patterns can appear as splotches or stripes at times.


Patikan is a specific kind of palmwood. It comes from a native Philippine tree. Patikan beads are a darker variety of palmwood. Interestingly, darker beads indicate that they were carved from an older tree. Patikan beads have the same spotting and striping as other types of palmwood.

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