Our Story

Our story begins in 1906

In search of a better life and the American dream, sixteen year old Donato Ramella, our grandfather, immigrated to the United States from Costoluccia, Italy. With limited skills, young Donato began his new life in America working at a number of odd jobs before landing a job with E.C. Muller Co in New York. Here Donato quickly learned the trade and became a skilled craftsman, making quality files and engraving tools for the jewelers' industry.

timeline 1

1937 - 1952

Now a skilled craftsman, Donato continued to fulfill his dream. He, along with two partners, Royce Uva and John Genevese, ventured out on their own. After securing a $750.00 loan, Donato founded the U.J. Ramelson Company in 1937. The company grew, and Ramelson quickly established themselves as the leaders of quality, American made hand tools for the jewelry and engraving industry.

1952 - 1965

Eventually the partners go their separate ways. Ramelson continues to thrive in the industry and Donato, now the sole owner, is joined by his two sons, Louis and Rudolph. Looking toward the future with a dream of expanding the business, Donato introduces a new product line-woodcarving Tools. U.J. Ramelson’s reputation in the woodworking industry continues to expand, and the demand for their quality wood crafting tools grows.



After a rich and successful career Donato proudly retires having fulfilled his American dream. With the same determination, his sons, Louis and Rudolph, take over the growing woodworking company. And the tradition continues! As the business continues to grow and expand, U.J. Ramelson moves to its new, larger facility to make room for more wood crafting equipment and employees. To keep pace with the expanding woodcarving industry, Louis and Rudolph introduce a new line: sub miniature and miniature wood carving tools and turning tools. This sets Ramelson on a new path - providing carving tools to schools and clubs for teaching small detail carving. As U.J. Ramelson continues to be recognized as a quality leader in the wood craft industry, the third generation, Donato’s grandsons, William, Daniel, and John, join the woodworking company.


The family tradition of excellence continues with third generation owners. Blending age-old traditions with advanced technologies, our wood crafting tools are made of the finest carbon tool steel, hand forged, heat treated, and tempered by our own expert craftsmen. Each wood carving tool is still handmade, to keep U.J. Ramelson on the cutting edge in serving the woodcarver, jeweler, artist, student, and hobbyist well into the 21st century.


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