metal stamping

Metal Stamping for Beginners

Stamping initials, dates, or names on metal tags or blanks that may be easily attached to any necklace or bracelet is one of the simplest methods to personalize your jewelry. It’s a fantastic method to practice your stamping skills because there’s a technical aspect to it. To assist you with your jewelry-making activities, we’ve put up a beginners tutorial on metal stamping.

The tools you’ll need:

Metal stamping is a pastime or medium that, like any other, requires particular tools to get started. The hobby can be costly to pursue at first–due in part to the initial equipment investment–but with proper care your metal-stamping supplies should last for years!

These can be found all over the internet or in craft stores, and you may often get a starter kit that includes most of the stuff on this list:

  • Stamping hammer
  • Metal stamps
  • Stamping block
  • Metal tags/blanks
  • Stamping tape
  • Polishing cloth

Why do you need all of these tools?

Before you go and spend a bunch of money on the necessary materials, ask to borrow them from someone who already has them. That way, you can try everything out and be sure that it’s what you want before making any firm commitments.

Setting up and stamping metal

  1. Start by setting up your work space. Find a solid surface, or at least one that can withstand pounding. As previously said, you may always cover your table or desk with a piece of robust wood to ensure you don’t harm any surfaces.
  2. Before you start stamping, grab all of your materials and put them within easy reach.
  3. When you’re ready to start practicing, make sure your stamping block is within reach for you and that it’s positioned close enough for you to stamp your practice blank properly.
  4. To hold your blank in position on the block, use stamping tape and any masking tape guides you need.
  5. Choose a stamp and line it up (ensure it’s not upside down), holding it between your thumb and forefinger – you might want to use additional fingers to steady it.
  6. Gather your strength, and with careful aim, strike the top of the stamp with your hammer. With a little practice, you’ll be able to tell how hard to hit the stamp and whether you need to hit it more than once.

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