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Popular Metals Used in Jewelry-Making

There are numerous types of metals, but only a few are utilized in jewelry making. Precious metals are materials that have great economic worth and are thought to be valuable and even rare in comparison to non-precious metals.

Here are some of the most significant features of the most popular types of metal that you’ll find in the jewelry business.

Precious metals


Gold is a great metal to use for jewelry-making. It’s a soft metal and you can work with it easily. It’s often mixed with zinc and copper since gold’s purest form is often too soft to use alone.


Silver is another soft metal to work with, and it’s often mixed with copper to make it more pliable. There are a number of types of silver options, including fine silver, sterling silver, nickel silver, and silver plate.


This is an expensive and rare metal which makes it more precious than gold. Its appearance is similar to silver, and it’s a very heavy metal. When paired with diamonds and other precious gems, platinum is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Non-precious metals 


Copper is a reddish/orange metal and is often used for jewelry findings. When this metal is oxidized, it takes on a green patina, knowns as antiqued-copper plate. This look is quite popular when it comes to fashion jewelry trends today.


Brass is another non-precious metal made with copper and zinc alloy. It has a yellow/gold color and is often used in steampunk jewelry. Brass will tarnish to a brown color eventually.

Stainless Steel

This industrial metal is a popular option in fashion jewelry and watches. It’s scratch-resistant and loos similar to silver. Some stainless steel metals may contain nickel which some people are allergic to, however.


Titanium is very another strong metal that doesn’t corrode. It’s a little more expensive than stainless steel, but it’s cheaper than the other precious metals above.

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