Top 5 Supplies Every Jeweler Should Have

When it comes to making jewelry, there are some supplies you simply couldn’t live without! They’ll not only make your life a lot easier, but they’ll also add to the value of your piece. Here are 5 tools and supplies every jeweler should have:

Diamond Coated Bead Reamer Set

Gemstone beads are a popular option for many designs, and their popularity is only growing. The gemstone reamer allows you to gently expand the holes in gemstone, glass, or ceramic beads as well as pearls without having to rethink your thread choice or modify your design. It usually takes just a few gentle twists to enlarge the hole.

Nylon Jawed Pliers

The double nylon jaws on these professional grade pliers will not harm, scratch, mark, or dent your wire! These are a godsend when it comes to straightening out wire and opening and closing bigger jump rings.

Rawhide Mallet

A rawhide mallet is a must-have in any jewelry workshop since it’s the finest mallet for shaping and molding metal without leaving hammer scars. It can be used to form and gently stretch wire, as well as shape metal objects. It’s also very useful for forming textured metal forms that may be damaged by pounding.

Soldering Block

Every jeweler should have a good quality, long lasting fire-proof soldering block that provides a safe surface to solder. However, having two of these is even better! Use one as the base and use the second to create a little cave by breaking it up into three pieces and placing them around the piece that you are firing.

Jewelry Polishing Papers

All jewelry makers should have a polishing kit on hand. These are ideal for creating a high sheen on your metal, and they’re especially useful if you don’t own power polishing equipment.

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