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What You’ll Need to Start Metal Stamping

If you’re looking to personalize your jewelry and give it a unique touch, metal stamping is an excellent option! Not only can you easily attach stamped blanks or tags to any necklace or bracelet, but mastering the art of properly completing this technique requires some skill. Which is why we’ve created this guide for beginners – so that you can begin crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with ease.

The tools you’ll need

When you begin a new project such as metal stamping, there are tools and materials that come along with it. Whilst this may seem like an expensive endeavor, once you have all the necessities for your projects, these items will last quite some time – think of them as investments! So if metal stamping is something you want to pursue often then adding in a few extra pieces won’t go amiss.

You can find these all really easily online or in craft stores and you can often purchase starter kits which will usually include most of the list below:

  • Stamping hammer
  • Metal stamps (letters, numbers, icons, shapes)
  • Stamping block
  • Metal tags/blanks
  • Stamping tape
  • Polishing cloth

Stamping hammer

A stamping hammer is usually more lightweight than a regular toolbox hammer, making it easier to get just the right amount of force for each strike. Nonetheless, the ideal solution is using a heavier weight hammer to make sure you hit your stamps with accuracy and avoid any potential injury from mis-strikes.

Don’t let regular hammers fool you! While they can be used in place of stamping hammers, there will likely be less control over each strike due to their additional weight – not something that anyone needs when dealing with metalworking tools.

Metal stamps (letters, numbers, icons, shapes)

You can choose from a wide array of fonts for your metal stamping project, so you’re sure to find something that suits the look and feel you have in mind. Newsprint or typewriter-style is particularly popular as it looks rustic yet remains easy to read. If you want to take your piece up a notch, consider adding shapes like hearts, stars or flowers – they make all the difference!

Stamping block

When stamping onto any surface, it’s essential to prevent damage with a metal block. These blocks are quite sturdy and typically have padded stickers on each corner or rubber base which provides stability and protects the workspace from harm.

Metal tags/blanks

If you want to make a lasting impression, metal tags or blanks are perfect for stamping your letters and shapes into. These could be made out of brass, copper or sterling silver – all dependant on the look that you’re going for! To begin with it is best to opt for flat-shaped tags as they are much simpler to press onto than 3 dimensional designs like bangles.

Stamping tape

Stamping any item, especially smaller ones that are difficult to grip by hand, requires the use of specialized tape. This tape not only assists with precise placement but also keeps your blank firmly in place while you stamp it. Utilizing this type of adhesive significantly enhances the outcome as well; since maximum pressure can be applied, stamped marks appear sharper and more defined. For these reasons and more, using protective taping when stamping is a must!

Polishing cloth

By using a polishing cloth or wipes, you can bring your blanks to life before and after stamping. Whether it’s from the craft store nearby or an old flannel shirt rag, these tools will make all the difference when preparing your tags, charms and other art pieces for sale – leaving them looking glossy and professional! Polishing is essential if you want to take that extra step in turning your crafts into jewelry-ready items.

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