Gunstock Checkering – How it’s done

Gunstock checkering is a craft that very few have truly mastered. Countless hours of labor and buckets of sweat and tears go into perfecting each and every gunstock that comes into Kurt’s Custom Carving and Checkering shop. TiborasaurusRex takes you to meet the one of the few of these fulltime craftsmen left in the world. In today’s world of mass produced machine-pressed factory checkering and cartoonish computer controlled laser engraving, custom gunstock carving and checkering really stands out above the rest. If you seek elegance and a refined, cultivated, top-quality checkering or carving job for your gunstock, this is one place that stands out. Finding a stock carver or a checkering artist who is truly proficient in his craft is exceeding difficult. See where this top quality work is done by hand by a master gunstock checkerer.