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Wood Carving Safety Tips

As fun and creative as wood carving can be, you might run into some dangers if you don’t pay enough attention to the basics of safety. Keep your tools in good working condition and follow these essential safety tips to keep up with your wood carving projects.

Keep your tools sharp

A blunt carving tool is much more likely to cause harm than a sharp one, since it requires more effort to work with. This in turn can also affect your attention and control, so make sure all of your knives and chisels stay sharp.

Hand protection

Since your hands are the most vulnerable part of the body when it comes to wood carving, it’s important to keep them protected! There are special carving gloves you can wear, or if that feels too bulky, a thumb guard will also help.

Proper lighting

Along with keeping your workstation clean and clutter free, it’s also important to maintain good lighting. Not only does this help with working the finer details on a carving project, it’ll also spare your hands and fingers from a nick.

Protection from sawdust

If you’re using a larger woodworking machine that produces a large amount of sawdust and particles, you should always wear safety goggles and a dust mask. Ear protection is also key since the noise generated by the machine is equally harmful.

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