soldering in jewelry making

Common Soldering Problems and Solution for Jewelers

Soldering can be a fun part of jewelry making but even the most experienced jewelry makers can run into problems from time to time. While it might not always be clear what the problem is, there are a few common culprits that might be causing you problems. Here’s what you might face during the soldering process:

The metal is too dirty

Before you start a project, you should always make sure your hands and metal are clean from dirt and grease. A dirty piece can create a barrier between the metal and solder and prevent the solder from flowing. Use a pickle to ensure everything is clean.

Your joint isn’t tight enough

The point where both ends of metal meet to be soldered is crucial in ensuring the solder flows and is secure. You don’t want to just fill gaps with solder, so make sure the ends meet as tight as possible.

You forgot the flux

Flux is an essential part of soldering. If you forgot to apply flux and started the soldering process, all you have to do is place your piece into a pickling solution to clean it and start the process again.

Too little or too much heat

Using too little or too much heat can potentially cause fire stains or melt your work completely. It’s best to practice and learn how much heat is needed to allow the solder to flow as quickly as possible.

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