Repost: Top Tip

From Joe Savarese (Brooklyn, NY)

Whenever you are working with sharp tools, it is important to be organized. I start by color coding my tool handles. For example, I paint a purple stripe on all of my #5 gouges. Then I woodburn my initials or a symbol (I use a sun) on the tool. This is especially important when you are attending a carving seminar or carving with friends. It’s easy to get your tools mixed up with someone elses. Protect the edges of your tools with clear flexible hose, such as aquarium tubing.

Finally, I always remember something Peter Ortel told me: when carving, lay your tools out on the workbench with the cutting edge pointed toward you so you can quickly determine the sweep and width. Just make sure they are far enough away so you won’t stab yourself while carving or reaching for a different tool.

Source: Woodcarving Illustrated