3 Chasing Hammer Repousse Silversmithing Goldsmithing Tools Ball Peen


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NEW 3 Chasing tool Hammers. 1 Chasing Hammer – of either 1″, 1-1/8 or 1-1/4 for Chasing tools. Equipped with revolver-style handles and well finished. Overall length 10″Lightweight and easy to handle. Chasing Hammer handle may vary in color, 1pc – 2oz Ball Pein – Unlike other ball pein hammers, both ends of the head are turned on a lathe and then polished to a high finish. Each head is fitted securely onto the wood handle and pinned through the side for added strength. 2 ounce model is 9″ long overall, while the 4 ounce model is 9-1/2″ long. 1pc – 19mm Goldsmiths – Has a slightly domed, highly polished face. For light hammering and riveting. Well balanced and nicely finished. 9″ long overall. Note: Styles of heads and handles may vary from what’s shown