Carving the Human Face, Capturing Character Jeff Phares 2nd Edition Woodcarving


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  • 20oz Soft Cover Book
  • Complete Guide to Carving faces
  • Fox Chapel Publishing
A complete guide to carving realistic portraits in wood from a champion carver. Learn the techniques for carving hair, skin, muscle, facial features, and more. Following a step-by-step carving project with more than 350 color photos and 50 drawings that provide useful anatomical references, you’ll be guided to completely sculpt the piercing features of a Native American warrior wearing a wolf headdress.
Compiled from the best tips and tricks from the pages of Woodcarving Illustrated, this guidebook provides woodworkers with all they need to know to create a safe and organized workshop and prepare and employ various tools.
Essays and instruction from such trusted contributors as Roger Schroeder, Lora Irish, and Jack Kochan share everything about mallets, v-tools, and getting the maximum life out of carving tools.
Also included are step-by-step instructions explaining the principles of sanding, finishing, gluing, clamping, and much more. The woodcarver’s budget is also addressed, in such chapters as “Poor Man’s Dust Collector.”