Ramelson | Nechamkin Medium Green Chaser’s Pitch | Blacksmiths | Metalwork | Craftsman | 20-23 ounce Ton |


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  • Nechamkin Medium Green Pitch: It is formulated and developed by Metal Sculptor Debra Montgomery, and is organic pine rosin based pitch. It is excellent for medium to high relief work and can be worked slightly warm using a heat gun.
  • Uses: Blacksmiths, Sculptors, Armorers and Jewelers alike have found this type of pitch suitable for years.
  • Direction: In cold temperature Nechamkin Medium Green Pitch will release metal. For deeper repousse keep the pitch a little warmer, for crisper work like planishing, keep the pitch a little cooler.
  • Safety: When handling molten pitch, wearing eye protection and a long sleeve shirt are an absolute must. Molten pitch can cause nasty burns.
  • Made in USA
  • Nechamkin Medium Green Chaser’s Pitch will vary between 20 ounces-23 ounces containers