12″ Wing Compass Caliper Divider with Carbide Scribe


This large, professional wing compass is for scribing arcs and circles, with an arced wing that helps to steady the legs in use, and with a locking screw on the arc to hold the legs firmly in position. Divider – A drawing instrument similar to a compass but with two points, Used for dividing lines and stepping off distances.

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Made from thick, high-quality carbon steel and with a sizable length of 12 inches, this locking wing compass is built for the most demanding woodworking projects. 

  • The ideal drafting compass for your workshop
  • Made with high-quality tool steel
  • Has a lockable wing for repeat measurements or drawing circles and arches
  • Compass’ divider can be used for dividing lines and stepping off distances
  • The brass holder can hold a pencil or a scribe

You’ll be surprised at the quality that this wing compass delivers! Its thick, heavy-duty carbon steel construction makes this the ideal tool for even the most demanding project. You can make strong arcs and circles without having to worry about the tool skipping or sliding out of your control. The compass’s lockable wing allows for repeat measurements or drawing circles and arches of the same specifications. The brass holder can be used with a scribe or a pencil.

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