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German red pitch is preferred over other choices as it is less brittle, yields better results and has a much greater plasticity at lower temperatures (even at room temperature). If the pitch is too hard, the metal will be thinned. If it is too soft, there is very little control over the form.  For your own protection, German red pitch is less toxic than other available options such as black and dark green pitches.

Red pitch melts at around 110° F so all you need is a hot air gun to melt the small pieces. Or, you may place the small pieces in your pitch bowl and put the bowl in an oven at 300°F, being careful to avoid boiling the pitch. When handling molten pitch, wearing eye protection and a long sleeve shirt are an absolute must. Molten pitch can cause nasty burns.

Made in Germany, our red pitch is delivered in a 2 lbs. aluminum foil tub. (Please note:  the pitch may come in broken pieces however this is absolutely fine since it needs to be broken anyway to melt).