Striking Knife 1-1/2″ Blade – Best for Marking, Straight Line Defining


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Striking knives have been traditional tools in woodworking. They are typically used to mark-out cut lines on wood. This specific tool from UJ Ramelson is one of the best striking knives you will be able to find!

  • Striking knife can draw a much finer line than an awl or pencil
  • Blade is beveled on one side only to keep the cut absolutely tight to your ruler or square
  • Defines an exact line for starting a chisel or saw blade
  • The design allows you to move the sharp knife tip smoothly in either direction without lifting it from the surface

Using this high-quality striking knife to create lines and markings has many advantages. This striking knife can be used to create an easy shoulder for chisels or saws to register against. The knife lines are easy to carry around corners, won’t smudge, and won’t tear out across wood grain. The knife blade is beveled on one side only and can easily be moved in both left and right directions without lifting the blade from the surface. The hardwood handle is rounded for comfort. This striking knife is USA-made and is manufactured with a high-carbon steel blade for optimal performance.

  • Blade Length: 1.5”
  • Overall Length: 6.5”
  • Satisfaction guaranteed