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UJ Ramelson’s wood carving set, 12pc Hinomaru Tombo Japanese Wood Carving Tools, offers everything you need for your next intricate woodworking project.

  • 12 total wood carving tools
  • Includes 1 Chisel, 2- U’s, 4 Gouges gouges, 2 V, 2 skews & 1 Pick/Awl shape.
  • Features a wide assortment of crafting tools for your needs

UJ Ramelson is offering this 12pc Hinomaru Tombo Japanese Wood Carving Tools to ensure you have everything you need when you sit down to whittle a bird, a deer, or a boat. These wood crafting tools are great for you to wood carve with a special someone, either a friend or your son or daughter. One of the best parts about carving is making something from nothing. Our family-owned woodworking supply company encourages you to paint your wood creations afterwards to truly bring them to life. Since 1937, we’ve been bringing you the best in handmade wood crafting tools so that you can create without limits. You’ll learn patience and fortitude as you put the finishing touches on. If you are lacking in woodworking supplies, or just want to see our top-notch wood carving tools, browse our vast inventory today!

  • Made in Japan
  • Wood handles
  • Steel blades

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Weight 1 lbs