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UJ Ramelson’s woodworking chisels, Micro Miniature 117H, are the finest small chisels for your intricate woodworking needs.

  • All blades are made of a high-quality tool steel hardened to Rc 60-62
  • This wood carving set includes: 3/16″ Gouge, 3/32″ Veiner, 3/16″ Chisel, 3/32″ Bent Parting, 3/16″ Skew, 3/16″ Bent Chisel
  • Perfect for any level of wood carver

UJ Ramelson’s Micro Miniature 117H set features the perfect woodworking chisels for your needs. Designed to handle all of your small woodworking needs, this six-tool set keeps your fingers close to the cutting edge. These woodworking chisels offer a comfortable round-style handle. The blades of these wood crafting chisels are 2 ⅛” with an overall handle size of 4 ¼”. Our clients tell us that these woodworking tools make all the difference when they are crafting items such as crosses, horses, Celtic knots, spoons, and more. If you are looking for wood crafting supplies, our family-owned woodworking company is the place to start. We’ve been supplying customers with the best wood carving tools since 1937. Browse all of our chisel tools and oyster knives online today!

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • White Birch Wood handle
  • W-1 US Tool Steel

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Weight 1 lbs